Never Mind the Bullocks (Vol 1)

Bullocks! So much bullocks. Trump named Vince McMahon to an official economic response team today, surpassing every other unbelievable thing that's occurred this year as the most 2020 thing ever. So in response to that, instead of going on a diatribe, I've decided to just provide some links to music videos that I think you should be checking out. All genres (lotta hip-hop though), some new, some not so new. I'll do this again with other things like full albums, TV shows and films, more videos, whatever strikes me as a good diversion that will feed my soul - and hopefully yours too.  So without further yammering, click the links below and have yourself a time.

Mathias and the Pirates - "The Panic Button" - Shot LIVE for Lo-Fi Cherokee 2018

Rashaan Ahmad - "Peace"

Kill Em All - "Banksy" ft. Daemon

The Free Years - "Starting Again" (Maybe the most slept on group ever. You need to check them out.)

Boomtown United - "Love Like Fire" (SKA LIVES)

Golden Curls - "Days Go By"

Damon Davis - "Light Years" ft. Tonina

The Urge - "All Washed Up" (Peace to the Godfathers)

Pokey LaFarge - "La La Blues"

Scrub and Ace Ha - "Sunny Lane"

CaveofswordS - "Blameless"

Serengeti - "California" (This one makes me feel seen / attacked)

The Knuckles - "Jam On It"

Abstract Rude - "Yep"

Lojic - "It's All the Same" - Live at The Pageant

Mathias and the Pirates - "Love and Planets"

Fresh Kils - "Dreams"

Mark Rebillet - "How To Funk In Two Minutes"

ESSO Afrojam Funkbeat - "Sabrosa"

Owen Ragland - "Peak"

Farout - Yeah I Think About You

Negro Scoe - "Let It Loose"

Lovers In Arms - "Slow Love"

DJ Shadow / Run The Jewels - "Nobody Speak"


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