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Be Here Now

Stress dreams, man.  Almost every night.  My time in bed used to be effortless bliss. Even if I had questionable dreams at night before the current flavor of humanity's fall took hold, chances are I wouldn't remember them. Now, however, I remember the horrors my mind is capable of conjuring in darkness with inescapable precision and detail. Last night's adventure bore witness to a cocksure fellow named Steve getting beaten to what probably ended up being death. Thrown around like a rag doll by another gentleman we'll call The United States Government - or Useless Fucking Piece of Shit (his presumed nickname). I'll spare you the nitty grittys, but it was wholly disturbing and as sunny as it is in LA today, I'm under a cloud because of it. Side note - I'm out of gummies and I need to remedy that ASA-goddamn-P. So yeah. Sleeping is even a challenge right now. This is a new development in my life. I sleep harder than people in the STL rap scene act on social m

Folding the Fitted Sheet

It's the weekend, or so they tell me.  The calendar on my pocket computer says it's a Saturday, but after so many days/weeks of barely leaving home it's hard to tell a difference.  I've never been a big fan of "working a regular job" or "living on a regimented schedule," but a little structure is perhaps more necessary than even the most resistant to common societal norms would typically admit.  I do enjoy a regular paycheck when I'm not on unpaid leave, as is my current circumstance, and the older I get - the more I appreciate things like insurance, being able to afford new jeans, a subscription to so I can watch my beloved Cardinals play baseball (whenever that happens again), fancy natural peanut butter, so on, so forth.  This didn't come naturally to me. I'm as resistant to The American Way as they get.  But I do appreciate my creature comforts these days, and I'm with an incredibly strong and focused woman who wouldn't


Greetings from post-apocalyptic Los Angeles.  It's the year of the dread coronavirus and the world around all of us can be described as many things, mostly weird and surreal.  Also scary and ridden with anxiety.  This blog / publication is going to serve as my way of sorting through the messy reality we find ourselves immersed in, and also as a means of diversion.  A disinfectant, if you will (NOTICE HOW TIMELY I AM WITH THAT REFERENCE). I like to write, and I find that using my words has helped me stay sane over the years.  My hope is that it helps whoever bothers to read these entries, and at the very least is entertaining and worthwhile for someone other than myself, my ego and my insecurities. As we go, this space will take many forms.  I will always do this for myself, but because I'm a Leo I also want other people to read it due to my need to be the center of attention, even when attention isn't directly what I am seeking.  I'm all about elevation, whatever that