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Slow Road to Revolution

Daniel Hill of the St. Louis Riverfront Times quoted a term the other day on Facebook that's been marinating in my psyche ever since. A cold civil war . Let that hit you. It's exactly what's taking place in the United Stated of America as I type this. Half of us wear masks in public to protect those around us, half refuse to wear them because they're selfish and misguided assholes. Half of us think universal healthcare is an obvious solution whereas the other half somehow side with insurance companies and big pharma. Half of us think that our president is the biggest moron to ever walk the Earth, and the other half thinks he's smart?  Of course there is actual violence we can point to if we want to poke holes in the cold civil war statement, but nothing on the level of all out war - a thing that a lot of our loudest talkers think they want when they use terms like "revolution".  It's sexy when it rolls off the tongue and when it's on a screen in fr

We Can't Stop Here, This is Bat Country - Part 4

Pirates at The Gramophone Photo: Ed Aller When Earthworms returned from Europe, we were full of promise and steam. There was zero question that our rocket ship was going to continue it's meteoric rise, after all - we were being aggressively courted by an established label out of California, subsidized by Columbia Records. I'll leave out the name of the label here because there isn't any reason to slander them, but suffice to say that we were very pleased with the attention we were getting. As the primary point of contact with the label, I would send them regular updates and new recordings, all of which were received enthusiastically. The vibe was great and only getting better as we rolled along in the process. " Midnight at the Capricorn " would be our strongest release to date. Production from DJ Crucial, Splitface, J-Toth and more was sprinkled in with our main source of sound farming for this record - Ben Bounce. Ben's production is lush, m