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We Can't Stop Here, This Is Bat Country - Part 2

Earthworms Noir, Photo: Ben Shepard I can't lie, it's not easy to summon the will it takes to write what is basically a memoir detailing a 25 year independent music career. Getting the first chapter out was a fun trip down memory lane, but it was also draining. The idea of bringing the story current is heavy and it feels somewhat self-aggrandizing. None of what I'm memorializing could have happened the way it did without the energy of good friends coming together to buck the system and prevail over / run from societal pressures. I'm presenting all of this from my personal perspective, relating a very personal experience. But know that none of it would mean a damn thing if it weren't for the fact that it was manifested with people I care about and who care about me. I'm also leaving out a lot of back story, like how acting in plays gave me the performance bug to begin with. Going deeper into these things will have to wait for the novel I may write eve

We Can't Stop Here, This is Bat Country - Part 1

Twenty five years. That's how long I have been walking the long, twisty, obstacle laden, dusty and unforgiving yet deliciously gilded path of an independent music maker. No other conquest can compare when it comes to how high the highs are vs how low the lows can feel. The contrast is stunning and the dragon is way too sexy not to chase once you get even the smallest taste of how hot the fire truly is. Once you've leveled up in your particular craft enough to be taken seriously as an entertainment option by music lovers, talent buyers, promoters and most importantly - other, more established bands and artists who will invite you to share stages with them - you open yourself up to actualizing your wildest dreams. There isn't a tried and true blueprint to follow. I've always been a guts and glory kind of guy as opposed to an analytical business mind, preferring to create energy and momentum loud enough to make it nearly impossible to ignore. I inserted