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Stage Fright

Oh hello. It’s been a long time. I ran out of steam after chronicling my entire music career last year. Couldn’t get myself interested in writing this blog for a long time. The existential dread of the pandemic became everyday, run of the mill dread - and with that I lost motivation to write in this way. I guess the two things were intrinsically tied together for a time. This blog post started as a Facebook status update, but the longer it got - the more I thought I should just knock the dust off of my blog and put it here.  Masks are coming off in America, half of the populous is still small minded, selfish and awful. Business is coming back. I can go to the vaccinated-only bar up the street and belly up. I’m getting ready to get on a plane again. There’s too much to cover, honestly. So I’ll start where I left off. By the time I play my next - not yet booked show, it will likely have been almost two years since my last one. When I moved to LA in Feb 2020 and covid was starting to hit,