Greetings from post-apocalyptic Los Angeles.  It's the year of the dread coronavirus and the world around all of us can be described as many things, mostly weird and surreal.  Also scary and ridden with anxiety.  This blog / publication is going to serve as my way of sorting through the messy reality we find ourselves immersed in, and also as a means of diversion.  A disinfectant, if you will (NOTICE HOW TIMELY I AM WITH THAT REFERENCE). I like to write, and I find that using my words has helped me stay sane over the years.  My hope is that it helps whoever bothers to read these entries, and at the very least is entertaining and worthwhile for someone other than myself, my ego and my insecurities.
As we go, this space will take many forms.  I will always do this for myself, but because I'm a Leo I also want other people to read it due to my need to be the center of attention, even when attention isn't directly what I am seeking.  I'm all about elevation, whatever that means to the moment. I'm unselfishly, unabashedly and unmistakably real.  My mind wanders and I dream big.  This forum is intended to catch those wanderings and manifest those dreams.
Peace be unto anyone who accidentally stumbles across this first submission.  Stay safe, stay fed, and stay the fuck away from other people.  For now.

We'll talk again soon.  Stay tuned.



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