Pumpkin Spice and Bad Intentions

It's an unenviable position to be in. To know, without a shadow of doubt that you are right, and yet a frustrating majority of people who share the sovereign borders in which you call home - where you learned to be a forward thinking, compassionate, intellectually stimulated rebel - just can't ascend beyond the trappings of comfort level politics in order to support candidates with ideals and policies designed to dramatically improve our collective well being. There are enough of us out here at this point to have significant influence over policies the Democratic Presidential nominee must include in their platform and to elect progressives into other positions of great power, but we haven't made it over the hump yet. We haven't been able to get someone who truly represents US into the highest seat in the land. And so we idle. We run in place. Equity waits. Putting people over pharmaceutical companies and insurance behemoths waits. Forcing the antiquated good ol' boys club to do their fucking jobs like they swore to do with their hands on a book of fantasies waits. The working class must again find the inner fortitude to grind out another significant part of life without resources that could and should be provided by the flat out insane amount of taxes we pay. We fucking wait. 

Everyone complains about the government. And yet so many of the same people who don't enjoy the quality of life a candidate like Bernie Sanders envisions for them are throwing their support behind the very definition of stagnation. The opposite of progression. I mean, sure - Biden is better than Trump, no matter how you bake the brownies. He has friends on the dark side of the isle, which frankly is the red-est of flags if you give any fucks at all about improving how this broken system works for the population within. The current incarnation of the extremely right-leaning Republican party ONLY CARES ABOUT MONEY - as in for themselves and their corporate overlord buddies who stand to profit from every action they take. It's not even in the shadows anymore. Trump is out here pushing a non FDA approved "miracle cure" for coronavirus that he has a financial stake in. I'm no fan of how the FDA operates. After all, we could surely be curing cancer at this point if it weren't for the tremendous sway big pharma has over these things, but this is unprecedented and just all the way out here in the open. This is the Republican way, and choosing to support Biden over Sanders because Uncle Joe can reason with the devils is counter-intuitive to literally everything we need our leader to accomplish. Change. Adapting the way the government thinks to better suit the enormous population and growing disparity between the haves and the have nots. This requires someone who does things differently and isn't probably well regarded in the circles of hell we call congress, the senate and the white house. The majority of people who work in those places aren't there because they care about you.

They don't care about the generational inequity on the Northside of St. Louis that directly results in historically high levels of violent crime. They don't care about the US citizens without access to non-toxic drinking water in Flint. No fucks given about the staggering amount of people who can't afford healthcare or a college education without incurring a crippling amount of debt. They don't care about those of us out here waiting an eternity to find out if we get any unemployment money during a pandemic that has seen millions lose their jobs. What they care about is power, and keeping their power by any means necessary. It's a massive circle jerk.

Listening to a moderate talk during an election cycle is like watching a Viagra commercial while waiting in a long drive-through line at Popeye's to get that stupid ass chicken sandwich. It's like listening to the audio instruction manual for how to be basic. It's like running on a treadmill with a wet Coldplay t-shirt as your only means to wipe the sweat from your brow. It's like dipping day old McDonald's french fries into a pumpkin spice milkshake.

So how do SO MANY people fall for this shit time and time again? What is it about compassion and intellect that turns people off? Why do we continue throwing the same slimy bullshit against the wall in hopes that it will stick this time? It's painfully clear that these moderates are not intellectuals, nor do they have the capacity to relate to the struggles of literally anyone making under $100,000 a year - much less to those who don't make anything close to a livable wage. So why do poor people keep cutting off their own heads? Why do middle class suburbanites keep ignoring the fact that injecting more money and opportunity into lower income neighborhoods will make the entire economy stronger, including theirs? What are we even doing? If this clusterfuck of a global pandemic can't get people to open their damn eyes, I truly don't believe anything can. How can anyone with a fraction of a brain listen to a moderate candidate for President talk out of their ass while a lobbyist strokes them off from under the podium and believe they are the right choice? I simply do not get it. And before you retort with "but Joe Biden came from the streets" - Bro, he hasn't been in the streets for a very, very long time. When your lobbyist kid was on the board of directors for a gas company in the Ukraine, you are nowhere near a working class hero. So stop it with that bullocks. Bernie Sanders protested against racism and walked with Martin Luther King. Joe Biden embarrassingly attacked Anita Hill, voted against gay marriage and for the Patriot Act. Both men are in their 70's and are career politicians, which is problematic in and of itself, but at least Bernie Sanders has a consistent record of voting for compassion and humanity. Biden is just better at playing the game.

Well, the game sucks. I'm going to vote for Biden because another four years of Trump is a death sentence to this country acting even quasi rationally and a one way ticket to every flavor of war you can imagine - especially the disgusting continuation of the war on poor people. Biden will at least lean left in his policies with pressure from the progressive wing of the Democratic party that he'll absolutely need in order to get elected. So please, if you are a Sanders supporter do not sit this election out. I supported Sanders the last go-round and ended up begrudgingly voting for Clinton because I wouldn't have been able to sleep knowing I helped get Trump elected. So many of you sat that election out because you were butt hurt and that is exactly why we are here today. I put 100% of the blame on those who refused to vote, or voted third party (a vote for Republicans). This is absolutely your torch to bare. Now is the time for you to suck it the hell up and help the grown-ups get Trump out of office. Anything else is a disaster. The DNC knows this, and deep down, I hope you do too. I'm not excited about it, but guess what - we have to do what we have to do. Don't fuck this up. One thing to consider very carefully, is that Ruth Ginsberg is going to retire. The next President is charged with naming her replacement to the Supreme Court. You've seen the shitshow Trump has made of his picks and it's vitally important that we not allow that buffoon to shape the highest court in the United States for generations to come. That is unthinkable. The reversal of progression cannot be understated. Do we want to live in a bizarre rehashing of the 1950's? We're already half way there, so let's not let it go all the way.

Feel angry. Write a blog about it, admonishing anyone who didn't have the spine to support a truly progressive candidate, and then get over yourself. We all have to.

Ok I'm done with this for today. If I've made you feel like shit, know that I probably do love and respect you and I'll feel bad about it later. Let's unify and get this dangerous monster out of office, deal? Deal.

The song I've attached today is by J-Toth - a true outlaw. Situationally appropriate. Listen below.

J-Toth - "I Owe My Soul to the Company"


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